A Story by Ravi

November 23, 2010

One of the story i remember the most was a story that Ravi mentioned in his sermon. It was a story that illustrated as a kid grows up, it takes more to awe the kid.

To awe a baby, all you need is to open the door. Its not something that he is tall enough to do and its not something that he gets to do either.

As the baby grows older and more exposed, you need to bring him to the front porch for him to see higher and to allow him to have the “wow” feeling.

As the baboy grows to become even older, he now needs to be able to go to exposed land to see how high, wide the skies are to be awed once again.

I’m once again awed by how God has moved in the camp preparation in the savings that only he alone is capable of. Something that doesn’t make sense from a business stand point but when God gets involved, you know the reasons why. The word to describe it is “Miracle”. No other words would make sense.


Let the bird fly

November 7, 2010

Listen to the sermon Dream Releaser by Pastor Wayne Corderio and this picture of a bird within a cage will then begin to make so much sense and the term – ” Let the bird fly” will then be so meaningful.

*Flip Flip*

October 31, 2010

What do you see?

October 28, 2010

I see the next generation.

Get Picked Up

October 23, 2010

Which is your favourite pick up line?

Be careful when someone says there’s something on your face,it could be a potential pick up.

Christian Pick up: Are you pentacostal? I like to speak in tongues with you. OMG. This is superbly hilarious.

The Juggler

October 20, 2010

The art of juggling is a very interesting art to illustrate certain things in life.

If you juggle one ball to be very high up, how does that affect the number of balls that you can juggle?

How many balls can you juggle and how do you discover it? => Going past that comfortable number of balls you juggle would mean all balls drop, its not even all balls being slowed down.

Which ball will you want to pick up and go into the juggling mode? It comes in different colour, weight and different shape but it will still take up one juggling space.

Light on a hill

October 18, 2010

This picture is something that we all talk about and we are all called to be.

How does this work out? Real questions to answer and real struggles to deal with.

Talking about it is easy, thinking about it is putting “fire in the belly”, doing it involves real time thinking and becoming stretchy.

The actual outworking of this involves many aspects to think of because it comes down to two most basic elements that are limited and has a opportunity cost: Time and Energy.

My Favourite Picture

October 11, 2010

This is one of my personal favorite pictures.

Its a vision,  a dream,  a promise,  a calling, a desire, a preferred lifestyle, a strategy for multiplier effect, an enjoyment and many others.

The Trap for Wolves

October 7, 2010

A Illustration that Gideon used in his sermon that i find hard to forget.

There’s a tribe/country that hunts wolves by using traps.
They put a huge chunk of meat that is very bloody to draw the wolves to it.
In the surface of the entire huge piece of meat, there’ll be a short razor blade jutting out by just by a bit.
As the wolves come, they go ahead and lick the piece of meat filled with blood.
The first lick, they will cut their tongue and start bleeding.
Wolves are drawn by blood and hence they will keep licking the blood,they more they leak,they more they cut themselves.
The more they cut themselves, the more they bleed, they more they lick their own blood.
Before you know it, they die due to blood loss owing to their consumption of their own blood.

My first instinct – These wolves are damn dumb. They simply deserve it for being so dumb.

My second reaction – Sometimes, as humans, we are like that too in some areas? One of which is procrastination i guess?

Rhema word vs Logos word

September 22, 2010

Logos word is like this baby who has one mirror presented in front of this baby attempting to show this baby a true reflection of who he really is but guess what? The moment the baby looks away, the baby will forget how he looks like and the issue that he has or he faces.

Rhema word is when instead of one mirror being put up right in front of you and leaving you with the chance/choice to look away, the word takes you to a Kaleidoscope Room where you are placed in a setting and no matter where you look, you will be facing a mirror and seeing yourself. That brings you to objectively know yourself and move you forward to be able to know how to change.

Good friends are friends who show you and bring the mirror up once in a while in your life.

Even better friends are those who bring you straight to the Kaleidoscope Room and be there with you, walking you through the entire journey showing you who you are. They bring you into the room and they walk out with you from the room and yet still continuing to be your friend.

Food for thought – What kind of friend are you?