PIctures of teamwork


Observations of the pictures
1. Each piece is a different colour and they have different shapes. Certain corners are incomplete but yet certain parts of each piece has an extra part ready to match a incomplete part. Isnt this symbolic of each individual having individual strengths and weaknesses?
2. When all 4 pieces come together, the jigsaw puzzle that has an extra part seems to fit nicely in those with a missing part and it starts to join together. Isnt this symbolic of different individuals coming together to match each other and be bonded together as they complement each other?
3. When all 4 pieces are fixed together, the picture is complete and the external corners and sides are completed. Isnt this symbolic of teamwork forms and produces a complete picture despite each individual we are imperfect. 


This is another picture of team work. A mobile phone cannot function without a charger because even though the mobile phone plays the role of being a connector but its battery life is limited and therefore a charger plays the role or “refueling” the mobile phone.

ImageAnother picture of teamwork. A lamp and a lamp stand. The light of a lamp might be strong but there’s only that few ways to brighten up a larger area. With a tall stand, the bulb is alleviated to a higher ground and hence the reach is naturally larger.
Teamwork is a must in life and its what brings each individual higher and to achieve more.

Together Everyone Achieves More


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