Balance – The scale of it

Today during worship, a picture and a new paradigm was dropped into my mind.


Usually that picture is something that comes into mind when the word balance is being brought up and the idea of fried rice having differing amount of ingredients showing a balanced flavour to the fried rice. Through this usually the idea and concept imparted is that balance does not necessarily mean an equal amount of things in balance but rather the correct mix in order to maximise the flavour.

Today, its a different equation altogether. At one end is all the responsibilities,tiredness,inadequacies, dreams etc and on the other end is God and his presence. As we take more of responsibilities, more things the way to balance it is to up the presence of God, up the annointing of God, up the favour of God, up the element of the awareness of God. To up everything of God in order to balance the weight that’s being brought up by that particular combination of weights at the other side.

Thank you Lord.


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