To the one you call, you have always been, you will and will continue to be …….

May 20, 2013

To the one you call, YOU believe
To the one you call, YOU empower
To the one you call, YOU have been equipping
To the one you call, YOU have been faithful
To the one you call, YOU have guided
To the one you call, YOU have touched
To the one you call, YOU back
To the one you call, YOU are patient
To the one you call, YOU deal with
To the one you call, YOU show yourself
To the one you call, YOU know
To the one you call, YOU support
To the one you call, YOU are gracious
To the one you call, YOU are merciful
To the one you call, YOU draw to yourself
To the one you call, YOU call again
To the one you call, YOU release

From those that you call, we can only say YOU are GOOD for the lack of a better word.

A fascinated child of yours amongst many.


PIctures of teamwork

December 21, 2012


Observations of the pictures
1. Each piece is a different colour and they have different shapes. Certain corners are incomplete but yet certain parts of each piece has an extra part ready to match a incomplete part. Isnt this symbolic of each individual having individual strengths and weaknesses?
2. When all 4 pieces come together, the jigsaw puzzle that has an extra part seems to fit nicely in those with a missing part and it starts to join together. Isnt this symbolic of different individuals coming together to match each other and be bonded together as they complement each other?
3. When all 4 pieces are fixed together, the picture is complete and the external corners and sides are completed. Isnt this symbolic of teamwork forms and produces a complete picture despite each individual we are imperfect. 


This is another picture of team work. A mobile phone cannot function without a charger because even though the mobile phone plays the role of being a connector but its battery life is limited and therefore a charger plays the role or “refueling” the mobile phone.

ImageAnother picture of teamwork. A lamp and a lamp stand. The light of a lamp might be strong but there’s only that few ways to brighten up a larger area. With a tall stand, the bulb is alleviated to a higher ground and hence the reach is naturally larger.
Teamwork is a must in life and its what brings each individual higher and to achieve more.

Together Everyone Achieves More

The picture of my life

March 17, 2012


What does it take for this picture to come to pass?
How many baby steps are there?
What gifts and talents do i need?
Who are the mentors that i need to focus on learning from?
What are of knowledge do i need to gain?
Who are the keys that i need to work with and hold accountable with?

A simple picture, a difficult process But a powerful and all knowing God. 

Friends are friends forever if the lord’s the lord of them

February 21, 2012


A long way we’ve come. Walked many different paths, going towards many different ending points. Will probably end up very differently the each time we meet. New updates, new people in the pictures but yet the same vision and the same convictions and many times, the same types of arguments. A meaningful and memorable picture.Image

Balance – The scale of it

October 30, 2011

Today during worship, a picture and a new paradigm was dropped into my mind.


Usually that picture is something that comes into mind when the word balance is being brought up and the idea of fried rice having differing amount of ingredients showing a balanced flavour to the fried rice. Through this usually the idea and concept imparted is that balance does not necessarily mean an equal amount of things in balance but rather the correct mix in order to maximise the flavour.

Today, its a different equation altogether. At one end is all the responsibilities,tiredness,inadequacies, dreams etc and on the other end is God and his presence. As we take more of responsibilities, more things the way to balance it is to up the presence of God, up the annointing of God, up the favour of God, up the element of the awareness of God. To up everything of God in order to balance the weight that’s being brought up by that particular combination of weights at the other side.

Thank you Lord.


October 30, 2011


Pacing One Another in the race

July 2, 2011

I went for Marriage Preparation Course today and for the first time i appreciate something for its design in the micro details of things when the facilitator was explaining it.

(i) The two red dots at the sides among all the other white dots represents the couple who chose one another amidst all the other dots ie pple that were around.

(ii) The two red dots are in the midst of tying the knot and therefore you can see the heart thats in between the two of them.

(iii) In the center of this journey lies Christ. The ways of Christ, the purpose of Christ, the glory of Christ, the grace of Christ and many more things of Christ.

A simple symbol explained really makes a difference.

Every picture is a snapshot of the journey and there are many more pictures to be snapped.


My ambition

May 18, 2011

“Quite often,people who are good at founding a company,who are good at identifying opportunities and creating a living, may not have the time in their lifetime to develop this into a General Electric,” says Meyer.”The children of successful partens usually go to expensive schools. They come back and they build sucessful careers. They’re not interested in running their parents’ SME. Our aim is to find an SME, acquire it and give the founder a commitment to continue to build their business” – Meyer, Halcyon Group.

This is definitely one person i would love to just meet and have a discussion because what he spots as a problem is something i totally agree with and the solution he talks about and believe in is pretty much the same as what i personally quite believe in.

Illustration of life – A Book

December 29, 2010

Sometimes i like to see life as a book. With every action as a word written on the book, everyday as a sentence and every single incident or flow as a chapter.

The pen is obviously me and of course the writer is none other then the creator.

Its interesting to be part of the process of writing this book and after every chapter, its always meaningful to know that the writer is writing a book and every chapter is a lead up to the next and there’ll be a flow.

I enjoy the fact that the writer will always be in control and my only prayer is that the sentences and the words will be what the writer wants and eventually tell the story that the writer wants to write.

What is life to you and who is your writer?

Sail – The horn sounds and the rope is released

December 13, 2010

The horn sounds and the ship responds to it and off it goes into the deep blue sea in search of its mission in excitement.